Midwifery Mythinformation

In an effort to get the word out that our San Tan Valley MomDoc Midwives office is open and seeing patients I have been telling everyone I meet that I’m a midwife. 

Grocery checker: Did you find everything you need?

Me: Yes, thanks. I wanted to let you know I’m a midwife and that our midwife office is right here near the grocery store! We are going to start doing deliveries at Banner Ironwood starting October 1.

Grocery checker (looking unimpressed): I’m not having a baby.

Me: That’s okay. Nurse-midwives provide all kinds of women’s health care including annual exams and GYN care. Tell your friends!

Next stop — the bank.

Male bank teller: Hi, how can I help you?

Me: Did you know that there are soon going to be midwives delivering at Banner Ironwood Medical Center?

Teller: (Nervous smile)

Me :No? Our office is just next to yours, right over there. Here’s my card.

Teller: I’ll tell the other (female) tellers.

Most of my man on the street visits go more like this.

Me: Hi, my name is Karen, I’m a nurse midwife with MomDoc Midwives. My office is next to Banner Ironwood Medical Center where I’ll be doing deliveries starting in October.

Person: Wow, when my wife had a baby they didn’t let midwives do deliveries in hospitals.

Me:  Nurse-midwives deliver in many settings including home, birth centers and hospitals.

Other Person: I really wanted a midwife but I didn’t think I could have a baby without an epidural so I decided on a doctor.

Me: Nurse-midwives support women in their choice of pain control including epidurals, tubs, showers, IV pain medication and relaxation techniques. 

Other Person: I like the idea of a midwife but I wanted my insurance to pay for the birth.

Me: Today all 50 states require insurance companies to reimburse nurse-midwives for childbirth services. 

If you like the idea of a midwife but aren’t sure its right for you schedule a meet and greet appointment. This is a nonclinical appointment for you to ask questions and see how personalities work together. It may be the best thing you ever did. It was for me!

If you want to read more of the truth about nurse-midwives you’ll love this article by Frontier Nursing University titled Busting Midwifery Myths where they separate fact from fiction on this vital healthcare option for women.



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