Yes, birth can look like this.

I shared the photo mentioned in the opening paragraph on the Olive Branch Birth and Family Wellness Facebook page. Diana Peterson, the doula who attended this birth, explains the enormous reaction this birth photo caused on Facebook and why its possible for birth to look like this.

Babymoon Inn

Thank you to this couple for allowing us to share the beautiful, inspiring, empowering moment in which they became a family of three.

Recently, Babymoon Inn posted a photo on our Facebook page of a strong, capable, confident mother standing in one of our birthing rooms, catching her baby, soon to lift him to her chest and welcome him to the world. Not visible in the picture was the doula, who snapped the picture, or the midwife, standing directly behind the mother with her hands just below the baby.

Within 24 hours of posting the picture, it had received 23,000 views and 750 likes and had been shared nearly 50 times. To our total surprise, we also received several comments questioning the authenticity of the photo. A few comments were ignorant or rude, calling us “liars” and telling us to stop posting our “phony” photos. But the others were respectful…

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