Hey San Tan Valley, New Midwife Over Here

After decades of channeling Betty Crocker and Molly Mormon I went back to college and fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a midwife.

I’m pretty new to the San Tan Valley; I moved here to work as a certified nurse-midwife this past June. I have a great job providing prenatal care and women’s health in a clinic and helping mom’s give birth in the hospital. I still love to cook and decorate the house, I just don’t have as much time for it.

Outside of work I love being with my family (and a bunch of other stuff that I will talk about in future posts). I have four boys and four girls (yeah, I love babies). Most are grown up now and I am very proud of all of them and their families. I love to brag about my six grand kids and I tell everyone who will listen that I have two daughter-in-laws who have babies due within a couple of days of each other this fall. MIDWIFE HEAVEN!

Why I Became a Midwife
I became a midwife because I want to be with women when they become mothers. I gave birth eight times and had eight really different experiences. Giving birth helped me figure out that there are some things I do not want other women to have to go through if they can be avoided. I believe women should be listened to. I want all women to be treated with dignity and respect. I want women to have informed birth choices and options about birth providers.

I left a pretty sweet set up when I left Utah to move to Queen Creek, including living in an old stone church, a super awesome 90 year old neighbor lady (we did our best to solve the world’s problems during our weekly visits), and these guys, these guys, and her. God must really want me here to take me away from all of that.

Why I Am Loving It Here
I am thrilled to be here meeting the moms and babies of San Tan Valley. The weather here is unbeatable (I’m always cold so this is working out perfectly!). I’m working with some rock star midwives. The new neighbors were at our door within five minutes of our U-Haul pulling into the driveway and soon a crowd had us all unloaded. That kind of welcome gives me the feeling this is going to be a fantastic place to live.


7 thoughts on “Hey San Tan Valley, New Midwife Over Here

  1. You have eight GROWN children and six GRANDCHILDREN?? You don’t look old enough to have children out of elementary school based on your photo. What’s your secred? I to am an “older” student, am in my second term at Frontier, mid 50s with two grown boys, and a grandson who is THE. love. of. my. life. I look forward to reading about your adventures here on hour blog. Best Wishes!


    1. Thanks for the compliment! Good luck with your Frontier education. Getting an advanced practice degree certainly didn’t make me look any younger! Stick around for more blog posts. I welcome your comments.


  2. I see George went on a mission. And what a mission! I hope you will post his mission letters to a blog like other missionary families do to share this great experience.


  3. A mission blog is a great idea! The MTC letters could also be posted, because they can also be interesting (how they learn the language, what they do, etc.)


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